Dad’s Ninety First Today

Yep, Dad would be ninety one today, had he not died of a broken heart twenty years ago. I’m going to put together a slide show of pictures for this mile stone. It’ll take some time since I’ll have to scan the pics in that I want to feature. I have some older pictures I want to scan so I can make up a little album for Aunt Babe with the originals.

Dad’s family is down to two surviving sisters, Edna, whom we call Sally, and Juanita, who is best known as Babe. Aunt Babe is presently in a nursing home in Great Barrington, doing better than she has been. I’m sure a gift of a photo album would pick up her spirits. It would mine!

On Mom’s side, only Aunt Margaret is left with us. Such a shock to realize that when she is gone, I will be the oldest of the Davis side. When I was a kid, 67 seemed a long, long, long way off. Boy, how quick it got here!

This is a short post, but when I have the time, I’ll come back and post again. I should have a few pictures to start the slide show with. I am in the process of preparing for a launch of my new young adult novel, Marooned on Planet EARTH – Devynn’s Dilemma. Title and cover tentative. It should launch on Amazon and other online book retailers including iBooks and Barnes and Noble at the same time, sometime in the spring.

In the meantime, I often think of both Mom and Dad. Have had some more dreams with them in it; just recently, in fact. I love the ones where my sisters and I are riding the trails again with Dad. Miss that so much. Even miss him grabbing my ear for something smart I said back to him . . .

Miss them every day. Can’t wait for that new system to get here!

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